Lifelong Worship's New Release

WholeLife Church


At WholeLife Seventh-day Adventist Church, the cornerstone of our ministry is our vision. What is our vision? How will it help our community? How will it shape our church body?

Vision matters. Vision is the specific focus of our church. Vision is about concentrating on one area at a time because we can’t focus everywhere at once. We prayed and collaborated as a staff and church board to determine the most important place to focus.

We will be a church without walls, fully engaged in serving the people of our community.

Our vision is our focus for a set period of time. This focus is given context, support, and boundaries by four core areas that continually frame whatever vision we pursue in each church season.

This vision, our focus for this season of our church life, is strengthened by these four equal sides of our “Vision Frame”:

  • Mission: Loving people into a lifelong friendship with God
  • Values: Love, acceptance, forgiveness, grace, the Bible, worship, participation
  • Strategy: Connect with people, demonstrate compassion, meet needs, win confidence, and invite people to join us in following Jesus
  • Metrics: Engaged in mission, attend worship regularly, volunteer and support financially.

Check our sermon series on our vision to learn more about where we are and where we are going.