Formerly Florida Hospital Church

WholeLife Church

Andy McDonald

Senior Pastor

Andy, from his arrival on staff as Youth Pastor in 1984 right up to the present, has consistently presented the message of God’s grace. With ever-increasing conviction, he understands sin as God’s problem that God solves, and there are benefits of grace for us. He enjoys leading a church that is always striving to improve and grow under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Andy graduated with his Doctor of Ministry in 1998.  His wife Vicki, an ARNP, is a Risk Manager with AdventHealth Orlando.  They are very proud of their daughter Whitni and son-in-law Jeff Carlson, son Zachary and daughter-in-law Riley. The joy of their lives are grandchildren Paxton and Andie Jo McDonald and Holden Carlson. When not at the church, Andy loves sailing, biking, relaxing, spending time with his family and working on home improvement projects.