Formerly Florida Hospital Church

WholeLife Church

Krizia Capeles-Evans

Director of Justice Ministries

Krizia joined WholeLife Church about four years ago and now serves as the Director of Justice Ministries. Krizia began serving at WholeLife Church by joining the Justice Ministries team and integrating her own program, From Outside In, a non-profit organization that offers a free mobile boutique to at-risk youth. Before her time at WholeLife, Krizia worked as an advocate for health system and community policies with the AdventHealth System Government and Public Policy Department. She also worked with Devereux Florida’s post-adoption unit that helped adoptive families find resources in the community. Inspired by 1 Peter 4:10, Krizia hopes to help connect people with opportunities to serve using their individual God-given gifts. Krizia and her husband Matthew love to travel and explore, and Krizia hopes to one day create a cat sanctuary.