WholeLife  Drama Team

Interested in being part of the WholeLife drama team?
Fill out the audition application below!

Drama Team Application

Previous drama/acting experience is not required, but if you have been involved in drama in the past, please explain: 
Why do you want to be part of the Wholelife Church Drama Team? 
I would like to be part of the drama team as:

WholeLife Drama Team Policy & Covenant
Worship is an integral part of the WholeLife community, and as a drama team member, you have an important role in contributing to an atmosphere of worship and learning for yourself and others to encounter God in creative ways. Thank you for sharing your gifts with your WholeLife family! 
WholeLife Drama Policy & Covenant Purpose
  • to establish clear expectations for members of the WholeLife drama team
  • to promote cohesion, efficiency, and excellence
  • to encourage a culture of team creativity, synergy, appreciation, and growth
Team Member Commitments
  • to embody WholeLife culture and values (love, acceptance, grace, forgiveness, the Bible, worship, and participation)
  • to be open to spiritual, personal, creative, and relational growth
  • to be present and prepared
Response & Rehearsal Expectations
  • all drama team members must audition
  • drama team members must respond to a casting call within one day
  • if casted, drama team members must attend all rehearsals and performances
  • drama team members must arrive on time and be prepared
Expectations for Professionalism
  • Platform Conduct
    • Remember you are visible to everyone when on or near the platform
    • Pay attention to what is happening on the platform at all times
    • Remember everything you do is potentially captured on camera
  • Inclusivity
    • Practice inclusion of individuals of all ethnicities, genders, languages, and orientations
    • Demonstrate patience with variations in cultural communication styles
By submitting this application to audition, you are affirming the values of WholeLife and committing to the above expectations. Thank you for auditioning!