The WholeLife Justice Team focuses on making a difference in our community through lasting relationships. We help bring justice to the marginalized through volunteering, awareness, prayer and local partnerships.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for relational engagement within our community in order to bring greater equity both locally and globally.

Our Board

Meet the Justice Ministries Board at WholeLife Church.


TableTalk 2023 by Central Florida Foundation

WholeLife Justice Ministries is hosting TableTalk 2023 Community Tables - and you can join us at the table!
On Thursday, October 19, 2023, people across Central Florida will host or take part in small group conversations to get ideas flowing about all the different ways — big and small — each of us can make Central Florida an even better place to live, work,, and play. Our community table conversations will focus on Economic Injustice and Development.
We have 5 tables with 8 seats each. Use the links to get your seat. Start with Table 1 and continue with Tables 2 - 5 until all 40 seats are full!


Our Connected Community Event (formerly Meet/Worship/Serve Sabbath) will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2023. This year, we will invite our community to focus on their whole-person health and start their thriving journey. If you missed last years event here is a look back.

To find out more about this years event and to register as a volunteer, join the planning, sponsor a portion of the event, or join our ever-growing vendor list please click the link below!

Community Resources

Each local county has information on who to contact for food, financial assistance, unemployment. Please check the resources available for your county below.

Local Resources:

WholeLife Church Community Assistance:

WholeLife Church Community Assistance is available to members and non-members meeting certain criteria on a one-time basis. Please utilize the resources listed above before applying. Understand that our screening process typically takes several days, and you will be required to submit supporting documentation for any requests. You may not apply on someone else’s behalf. Please use our Community Assistance Form to apply.

Donate to Support Justice Ministries:

If you are in a position to help support our ministries, please consider giving online. Thank you!

Contact Our Justice Team

If you are in need of assistance or have a question for our team, please use the contact form below: