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This Is WholeLife

A weekly conversation around a variety of topics being shared and discussed at the WholeLife Church in Orlando, Florida. If you join us online or in person you are familiar with our #WholeLifeReflections, and this is where we continue those conversations!

Join pastors Ken Wetmore, Jeff Cinquemani, Melanie Bockmann, and host Randy Magray as they take a look back, a look deeper, and peek into the week ahead!

You can reach out to us with your comments and questions by email: podcast@wholelife.church, voice mail, or text message at 407-965-1607, and on social media using #ThisIsWholeLife. We encourage your feedback so we can grow together into lifelong friendships with God.

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Speaking of Grace

Speaking of Grace is a direct audio recording of our weekly WholeLife Church sermons, in a convenient podcast format. This podcast began in May of 2020 stemming from many requests that came from current and former church members as well as visitors.  Everyone wanted to be to take what Andy McDonald was talking about every week 'on the go'! That desire hasn't diminished since Ken Wetmore became WholeLife Church's senior pastor in 2021. Ken's messages begin at Episode 57: I Am Ken Wetmore...We Are WholeLife Church.

New episodes containing the previous week's message is released every Tuesday with our pastors and guest speakers inviting you into a lifelong friendship with God.

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Meet the Podcast Team!

Ken Wetmore

Lead Pastor

Melanie Bockmann

Worship Pastor

Randy Magray

Communication Director  
Podcast Producer/Host