At WholeLife, worshipping God through music is a sacred tradition
of variety, participation, and praise to the One.

The Worship Team

Our worship team's heart and soul lie in our leaders' creativity and diversity! Mirroring our congregation's desire to represent and worship in styles and traditions from across the globe, there is always a unique and worship-filled way to praise God together in song, dance, dramas, readings, and more.

Worship with us live for our weekly services, worship concerts,  and a few surprises along the way!

Melanie Bockmann

Worship Pastor

Albert Acosta

Music Director

Wycleff Viana

Choir Director

We Need You!

At WholeLife, participation is one of our core values, and we hope that it is one of yours too. Below are a few ways that you can share your talents. 

WholeLife Choir

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Worship Leaders

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Music and Voice Lessons

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