Threatened By Love

Feb 5, 2022    Bernie Anderson

Jesus spoke in the synagogue and by the end of his message about love and justice for the marginalized, he was almost thrown off a cliff! Seems odd but God’s love is threatening whenever we decide we’re the exclusive recipients of it. MLK and Civil rights leaders of the past lived under the constant threat of violence and death. Mainly because they offered another story about equality, justice, and love. A story that said that whites weren’t created to be the exclusive recipients of the blessings and love of God making them superior to blacks. This portrayal of God’s love was so threatening to the culture of the day that the response was violence and terror. For followers of Christ we stand with Jesus and His threatening love. We stand with the marginalized, poor, and broken. Whatever violence comes we do as Jesus did and continue to “walk through the crowd” and go on our way.