I Am Ken Wetmore ... We Are WholeLife Church

Jun 12, 2021    Ken Wetmore

This week we welcome our new senior pastor, Ken Wetmore!

New Series: This Is Us
Everyone has a family. Every family has a story. “This Is Us” chronicles the values that are the WholeLife family. From Pastor Andy to Pastor Ken, the names and faces may change, but the values stay the same, as you'll see over the next eight Saturdays.

June 12: I Am Ken Wetmore . . . We Are WholeLife Church
Where I (Ken Wetmore) grew up in North Carolina, the quickest way to get to know someone was to find out who their parents were. That’s because every family has values. Anyone who knows the family has a pretty good idea of what they can expect from members of that family. In John 14:9, Jesus tells his disciples that, if they know him, they know the Father. Over two-thousand years later, Jesus wants the same to be true of us: If the world knows us, they know the Father.