Yvette Herrero

Board Member

Grateful to her parents for providing her with the “opportunity to live out [her] dreams in freedom,” Yanet Herrero was born in Havana, Cuba, and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 7. Now she’s giving others the opportunity to chase their American dream. Along with her husband, Arnaldo, she founded Kings Service Solutions (KSS), a multi-state commercial cleaning company, in 2007.

As president and CEO of KSS, Herrero leads all aspects of the $10 million company whose strong culture is based on trust, integrity, passion, innovation, and the spirit of excellence. KSS has grown to serve industry-leading companies throughout Florida—from Trustco Bank and Florida’s Blood Centers to Lamm and Company Partners. The company has implemented innovative business processes and the latest in janitorial management software to increase efficiency and quality control. Recently KSS was featured on MSNBC in a segment on how technology is helping small companies.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, KSS is adding over 100 jobs to its current workforce of 500 and expanding to other states to create even more opportunities as it develops a construction service arm of its business.

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