MAY 11, 2024

Welcome to my blog! It's going to be a little its author.

Music is a huge part of life. In my sermon today (May 11, 2024), I talked about music as art in worship. In the sermon, I used several different videos, and I thought some of you might enjoy being able to watch more than clips, so here are the complete videos.

Kyla's Clip from the Jacob Collier Concert in Tampa Bay

Torah Singing: Genesis 1

The Oldest Song in the World with Lyrics and Musical Notations

Psalms 23

Oxyrhynchus Hymn

Early Adventist Song: Chewing & Smoking

Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music - Larry Norman

If you would like to be involved with music at WholeLife...there's a link for that!

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God's blessings!


Ken Wetmore - Lead Pastor